Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Photo A Day: February Recap

 In February, I participated in a Photo A Day Challenge with some friends on Facebook.  It was so much fun to see everybody's interpretation of the daily subject.  I captured my pictures using my Nikon D40 or iPhone 4, and edited them using Photoshop, the Instagram App, or the Frame Maker App (or a combo).  Enjoy!

February Photo A Day List

Feb-01 View

Feb-02 Words

Feb-03 Hands

Feb-04 Strangers

Feb-05 10AM

Feb-06 Dinner

Feb-07 Buttons

Feb-08 Sun

Feb-09 Front Door

Feb-10 Self Portrait

Feb-11 Makes Me Happy

Feb-12 Inside My Closet

Feb-13 Blue

Feb-14 Heart

Feb-15 Phone

Feb-16 Something New

Feb-17 Time

Feb-18 Drink

Feb-19 Something I Hate Doing

Feb-20 Handwriting

Feb-21 Favorite Picture of Myself

Feb-22 Where I Work

Feb-23 Shoes

Feb-24 Inside My Bathroom Cabinet

Feb-25 Green

Feb-26 Night

Feb-27 Something I Ate

Feb-28 Money

Feb-29 Something I'm Listening To